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    1. Service

      SKY WING has more than 15 years of foreign trade and OEM / ODM services, with a team of 26 foreign trade sales specialists, to provide high quality and efficient services to our customers.

      Excellent R & D team

      SKY WING has engaged in Bluetooth audio product development and production for 15 years, with a engineering team of more than 30 experienced engineers including the Taipei R & D team. We provide o

      Acoustics Research

      SKY WING has been working to improve the sound quality of the product, hoping to produce more good sound quality products, so that more people can really hear a good voice and feel the rhythm of music

      Quality guarantee

      SKY WING thinks that product quality is the most important thing of enterprises, so SKY WING has a team of nearly 40 experienced QC staffs, with a variety of advanced product testing equipment. At the

      Strong capacity guarantee

      SKY WING has nearly 500 production workers, 7 U-type production line with the capacity of more than 3500 Pcs per day per line, and the maximum monthly production capacity of more than 700,000 PCS, to

      Factory system certification

      SKY WING passed the ISO9001 (2008) quality management system certification, SA8000 (2014) social responsibility system certification and Wal-Mart audit certification.

      One-stop production services

      SKY WING has its own mold workshop, injection workshop, automatic spraying workshop, SMT workshop, production assembly and packaging workshop, to provide one-stop production services

      Environmental commitment

      SKY WING knows that there is only one earth, and we have the responsibility and obligation to protect the earth environment. Therefore, our design is not only focus on aesthetics, acoustics, but also

      Company Exhibition